Wildflowers for Butterflies

Wildflowers are an excellent source of nectar for butterflies.Wildflowers can be found in flower every month of the year, even into winter.

Why not plant some of the more attractive ones in your garden?

On this, and the next two pages are some of the many wildflowers which are rich in nectar and, therefore, appealing to butterflies and other pollinating insects.

These flowers will grow well in most types of soil but, where indicated, some may need to be planted in special conditions.

Devil's Bit and Field Scabious are particularly rich in nectar and will attract as many butterflies, if not more than Buddleia. What is more they take up far less space in the garden than a mature buddleia bush - and the flowers last longer.

Devil's Bit Scabious 2

Devil's Bit Scabious - Succisa pratensis (perennial)
A beautiful dark blue flower much loved by bees and butterflies, growing to 75cm and flowering from June till October. Thrives in a damp areas but will grow readily in gardens where it can be planted in shady or sunny areas.