Recording & Reporting ...

We would encourage as much recording of butterflies and moths as possible. In order for your records to contribute to the mapping of the distribution of butterfly and moth species on the Isle of Man, where possible please provide the following information :-

Name of species and number seen
Accurate location, with grid reference ( this can be obtained via the “get-a-map” page of

Whether males or females seen
Any relevant information, such as a particular behaviour or plants used for nectaring and egg laying.

Ballaghennie field trip 2009 No 2_640x428

For either rare or notable sightings (such as first sighting of that species for the year or a large number of a species) we would like to receive your sightings straight away.

If you are lucky enough to see a species either rarely recorded or not previously known on the Island if possible obtain a photograph and make a careful note of both upper and under wing markings. Report it straight away as this vastly increases the chance of formal verification by secondary sightings.

For more general sightings it would be appreciated if these could be amalgamated and forwarded at the end of the season. Please click here for our contact details. Thank you.