Orange Tip (Antocharis cardamines)

.... and in Manx that's Baare jiarg-buigh

Passport crop

The male of this species is very distinctive being mainly white with striking orange tips to the forewings. The female does not have the orange wing tips and can therefore be easily mistaken for one of the other species of whites. Both male and female have a mottled green underwing. On the Isle of Man it is found mainly on or near wet ground where the main caterpillar foodplant, Cuckoo Flower or Lady's Smock, is found. The caterpillars feed on the developing seedpods of the host plant. Unfortunately there is usually only enough food from one flower head to support one caterpillar and they have therefore evolved to be highly cannibalistic. It can be encouraged to breed in gardens where it will use the cottage garden flower Sweet Rocket. Single brooded and can be seen from late April throughout May and into early June. Overwinters as a pupa.