Clouded Yellow (Colias croceus)

.... and in Manx that's Buighag ny Shamrag

Passport crop

A migrant species which does not arrive every year. A butterfly with a strong, fast flying flight. Bright orange-yellow wings with black borders make it very conspicuous, although there is a pale form of the female called helice. Often seen near the coast but also in sheltered areas of wild grassland inland. In the UK the main caterpillar foodplants are said to be clovers and lucerne but on the Island it appears to primarily use Common Bird's-foot Trefoil. If it arrives in May/June then there can be good numbers in late summer from the progeny of the earlier arrivals. Occasionally it is seen in low numbers in August which perhaps indicates either a late inward migration or the progeny of a very small number of spring arrivals. Like the Painted Lady it cannot survive a winter in any form this far north.